UKITF Championships 2016

Held in Exeter, Devon, the UKITF English Championships were upon us once again. Traveling and competing from Brentford TKD were instructor Danny, Pherrell, James, Umbreen, Pavel and Lance. After the weigh in on Friday evening the group went out for a traditional post weigh-in meal. Perhaps less traditionally, the group decided on a local Chinese restaurant which turned out to be a really nice eating venue. With appetites filled, the group took a leisurely stroll back to the hotel to get a good nights rest before the tournament the following day.  After the chef made their way into the kitchen, breakfast was served and the competitors headed to the Riverside Leisure Centre.

After a day of competing and umpiring, the Brentford TKD competitors came back with not only medals but also UK rankings. The Championships (along with the British Championships held in October 2015) were a chance to gain seeding for the World Championships in July held this year in Brighton. The prelims and Finals Night will be the deciding events for selection. We wish all competitors from Brentford luck for the next few weeks! Competitors who are under 18 and would like to compete can look forward to Stomp on the 26th March. See the calendar for future events!