3rd Kup Theory Qs

What is the meaning of Toi-Gye?

Toi-Gye – is the pen name of the noted scholar Yi Hwang (16th century), an authority on neo-Confucianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on 37° latitude and the diagram (+) represents ‘scholar’. (37 movements)

Translate the following blocks:

Double Forearm Low Pushing Block- Doo Palmok Najunde Miro Makgi Knife-hand Low Guarding Block- Sonkal Najunde Daebi Makgi

Translate the following thrust:

Twin Side Elbow Thrust- Sang Yop Palkup Tulgi

Translate the following kicks:

Outward Vertical Kick- Bakuro Sewo Chagi Inward Vertical Kick- Anuro Sewo Chagi Pressing Kick- Noollo Chagi