Seminar with Grand Master Nicholls

On Saturday 31st January, 6 members of Brentford TKD; Ms Sophia Chang, Mr James Adetutu, Miss Umbreen Khan, Mr Ivan Palagitskyy, Mr Pherrel Chang, Mr Nurudin Jackson and instructor Mr Danny Welland made their way to Brunel University for the UKITF annual training day. After UKITF students all greeted each other, Mr Lee Hollingsworth led the warm up with some 130 students taking part. The seminar took place from 11.30-3.30pm and following the warm up, the students got into groups and used the length of the hall carrying out fitness drills such as lunges with a back kick flick eventually working into a kick flick followed by ap chagi.  The students then started working on speed and strength kicking drills in groups using the width of the hall. Almost as a continuation from 2014’s seminar, there was a focus on strengthening the leg muscles kicking the shields from a sitting position similar to the yop chagi from a full side squat position kicking drill in last year’s seminar. After a short break everyone assembled in grade order and went through Chon-Ji Tul through to Won Hyo with guidance throughout by the other Masters who assisted during the day.  Emphasis was placed on the sine wave which is integral to every movement in Taekwondo. After doing the tuls facing different directions to enable the students to become aware of each own’s space and surrounding, there was a short break.

Following on from this were sparring drills. Working in pairs, the students were shown favourite sparring techniques of Team UK’s most recent adult world gold medalists from Rome; Mr Brunger, Mr Reece Nicholls and Mr McAvoy. The training day was informative, inspiring and most of all encouraged practitioners to become better students and people. The evening consisted of an awards ceremony and banquet where Mr Danny Welland, Mr Pherrel Chang, Mr Ivan Palagitskyy and Mr Nurudin Jackson were awarded with service awards for dedicating 10 years to the Taekwondo discipline. Brentford TKD would like to thank all for a great training day and awards evening and a congratulations to those awarded. More photos to follow…

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