Massive congratulations to the 3 members of Brentford TKD who took part in STOMP! today (29th March) at Brunel University!!

Dilan Mertikanov, Rohan and Joshua Welland did the club proud as between them managed a total of 5 medals.

Up first and ready to go was Joshua in the morning for patterns. After a very good performance of Chon Ji, Josh picked up a silver medal and according to the judges very narrowly missed out on gold. Josh was up again quickly warming up for sparring. In a closely contested match, Josh again just missed out on first place but fought really well and should be very happy with his performance. He will definitely be back for more next time!

Dilan arrived in good time for his afternoon session and managed to locate tournament friends before practising patterns prior to his name being called up. All the practising paid off as Dilan won his 3 rounds of patterns against some really good opponents to go on and win gold. Dilan was up for sparring next and put on a really good fight against an opponent who could have quite easily intimidated him, but Dilan took charge of the fight and was unfortunate to come away with a silver medal but a well deserved one at that.

After a long wait, it was finally Rohan’s turn to perform on ring number 1. Rowan performed Chon Ji really well under pressure at his first tournament and especially after learning the pattern only very recently. He did not medal in patterns this time around but after performing it for the first time in a competition environment will surely be in with the medals soon. Rohan kitted up for sparring and again fighting in his first tournament did well to earn a bronze medal which he should be proud of.


Dilan Mertikanov – Gold (Patterns), Silver (Sparring)

Rohan – Bronze (Sparring)

Joshua Welland – Silver (Sparring), Silver (Patterns)