UKITF Training Day with Master Trevor Nicholls and Lee Hollingsworth and Umpire Grading

The seminar was attended by Danny and Umbreen from Brentford and around 75 members of UKITF from all across the UK and took place at the Crowne Plaza, Heathrow on Saturday 18th January. The 45 min warm up consisted of dynamic stretches and conditioning exercises called by Mr Hollingsworth and it was safe to say that all students were warm by the end of the 45mins. After a quick break, the training commenced with patterns, technical work, sparring drills and line work.

For patterns, the group was split into 2 and each half took turns to line up and perform 2 designated patterns with guidance from Ms Burridge before swapping with the other half. At the end of this segment, Ms Burridge and Mr Rauli took to the floor to perform the 24th and last pattern to Master Nicholls’ count. A lot of knowledge and techniques were learned throughout the day in what was a very inspirational seminar.

The evening consisted of the national and regional awards banquet in which students who had performed outstandingly during 2013 were recognised for their achievements. The next day was the Umpires Grading day at the UKITF HQ where Umbreen achieved an internationally recognised class ‘C’ umpire certification.