End of Year Round Up 2013

The year saw lots of success for students of Brentford TKD with almost all students grading and being promoted at some point during the year. Black belt students Ivan (promoted to 3rd dan), Pherrel (promoted to 3rd dan) and Nurudin (promoted to 2nd dan) continued their black belt journey and were promoted in April. Umbreen began her black belt journey after a successful grading being promoted to 1st dan.  Peter will also be looking to become a 1st dan, going for his black belt grading in March 2014. Other black belts possibly grading for their 2nd dan in 2014 are Sophia and Adrian.

There were a number of tournaments represented by Brentford students nationally and internationally. The first of which was the English Nationals in early February in Devon. Danny, Pherrel, James, Jamie, Dale and Umbreen came away with 10 medals! The first junior tournament of the year STOMP was also in February with Brentford’s sole representative being Josh. He gained valuable experience and showed future potential that showed later on in the year. The next tournament saw Danny, Umbreen, Jamie and Dale head North on various forms of transport to the Ravenscraig in Scotland, mid-March for the Scottish Nationals. The 4 competitors brought back 9 medals. Next in the tournament diary was the UKTA English Nationals closer to home at the Guildford Spectrum. Competing for Brentford were Danny, Pherrel, James, Jerry, Umbreen, Dale and Jamie. The close of day saw 6 medals won.

On the 12th May, Danny and Umbreen took part in the Cimac Superleague Kickboxing Southern Open in Windsor. No medals were won during the day of high quality sparring, however, they both took the experience in preparation for the ITF European Championships in Barcelona in July representing England where Umbreen won 2 individual and 4 team medals. Prior to the Europeans was the second STOMP competition of the year that saw the juniors win 3 medals. Juniors competing at STOMP were Josh, Neal and Dilan. Neal at his first STOMP won an amazing gold in sparring winning the final against a bigger opponent. Josh went on to take bronze and Dilan at his first STOMP came away with a bronze and new competition friends.

The Oasis in Swindon played host to the British Open in October where Danny, James, Jamie, Dale, Umbreen and Dilan brought back 11 medals. Two weeks after the British, Umbreen travelled to Holland for the Dutch Open. No medals were won but some valuable experience gained.  A few weeks later, Danny competed at the UKTA English Open in Guildford. Unfortunately the day ended in A&E as during the second round an injury sustained meant the end of the fight and so continued the cursed run of injuries picked up at the Guildford Spectrum for Danny! Mid-November saw the third STOMP competition of the year. Brentford had Neal, Josh, Hashem, Sumayah, Moataz, Ghazi and Dilan competing throughout the day. The juniors brought back 7 medals after a great day in Hayes. The many tournaments saw members of Brentford travel by car, train, taxi, plane, minibus and coach around England and Europe. Places travelled to this year have included Guildford, Hayes, Spain, Devon, Scotland, Swindon and Holland!

Although the tournaments have shown some great performances by members of Brentford, they haven’t come easily! A number of injuries this year from competition and in training have included Hashem loosing a tooth, Danny breaking a knuckle and a few facial bones, Dilan and Jerry injuring shoulders, Dale and his bloody nose and bandaged toe, Silvan and his knees, Darshan and Umbreen with hips, Kweku with his ankle, Hanna with her leg and Moataz with injury dependent on the exercise given!

There is some exciting talent at Brentford and the club is ever growing with new students Hashem, Sumayah, Moataz and Ghazi joining the brigade. Oscar, Milo, Darko, Darshan and Mukesh along with Hashem and Sumayah all recently passed their first grading and have well and truly begun their taekwondo journey! Unfortunately Brentford also saw Jerry having to leave the club due to moving back to the Czech Republic, he put on some good performances at competitions and showed great effort in lesson.

Adult student of the year went to Umbreen, having stepped up from colour belt to black belt and competing at her first ITF European Championships as a black belt is a huge step up in fight class, Umbreen had an amazing Euros gaining team and individual medals, representing England in the team events, alongside consistently training every Sunday with Region 1s England team, also gaining kickboxing experience entering open events, superb class attendance and always willing to give back knowledge and experience to our upcoming juniors. – Danny Welland.

Next year will see the tournament calendar begin again with competitors looking to attain and defend titles. There is the ITF World Championships in Rome in July, seminars, courses and hopefully more promotions for the club. Thank you to everyone for their effort and let’s look to continue this in 2014!

Wishing everyone a relaxing well-deserved break over the holidays!