Brentford Juniors at Stomp!

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Sunday 17th November saw the start of another Stomp tournament for competitors ages 17 and under. Brentford TKD had 7 members competing across 5 divisions. Members of Brentford were Josh, Dilan, Neal, and making their first appearances at Stomp; Sumayah, Hashem, Moataz and Ghazi.

Josh was up first to take part in the pad test on ring 2, which consisted of kicking the pad with a set technique as many times as possible in 30 seconds. Josh won the first round and made it through to the next round. After a close second round and good display of the front snap kick technique, Josh just missed out on a medal. Not long after, Josh was called up for sparring. After quickly padding up in blue gear, Josh was fired up and ready for the 1 minute 30 second round.  As the whistle sounded Josh took a quick points lead as he started with a flurry of punches that stunned the opposition. Josh followed up with a number of jump turning kicks that kept him on top.  Keeping the pressure with a high work rate for the rest of the round meant a unanimous win for Josh and a place in the next round.  With a quick break to catch his breath, Josh was called up again this time in the red corner. Using the entire space on the mat, he chased the opponent around the ring and won another unanimous decision and a well-earned place in the final. The final was a tough round and Josh did well to chase the opponent around the ring. Two strong punches also saw the opponent being knocked down 2 times. Josh was unfortunate not to get the decision but after 3 tough fights got a well-earned silver medal.

Next up in sparring was Sumayah on ring 1. At her first Stomp, Sumayah was eager to get going in the ring and she impressed with good movement around the ring and precise shots. Her talent showed as she progressed through the rounds against more experienced fighters to win her final and achieved a gold medal. Sumayah is a gifted fighter and we look forward to seeing her in future tournaments. Simultaneously on mat 2 was Hashem sparring at his first Stomp. In his first fight, he was drawn up against a much taller opponent but Hashem was not intimidated and after avoiding a jump kick from the opponent, showed good use of the ring and select moments to land his shots. His quick movement landed him a place in the next round. The next round saw Hashem loose a tooth in an early blow but soon after the tooth was cleared off the mat, it was back to the action. The opponent’s height proved to be an advantage and Hashem just missed out in a split decision. Hashem should be very proud of his performance and will no doubt be a medal winner in the next tournament.

Neal, who is a familiar face at Stomp was excited to be back on the mats and his first fight did not disappoint. He won his first round and made the final. After a quick break the final started with a bang. After a running jump punch from both opponents at the whistle, stunning each other, both fighters had their first point. A second strong punch from Neal stunned the opponent and created an early lead. The opponent quickly figured out how to beat Neal to the punch with sidekicks and after a tough end to the round, Neal earned a silver medal in a very close split decision.

Moataz in his first Stomp tournament was eager to impress.  Up against a green belt in his first round, Moataz had a tough round but landed some good jump turning kicks. Moataz got the chance to compete again in the next round against another experienced fighter. An early blow to Moataz hampered his efforts throughout the rest of the round but he showed true determination to finish the round and score more points and earned a bronze medal. Dilan was up next and after much waiting around for most of the day; he was ready and rearing to go. The round saw lots of punches being thrown and a high work rate saw Dilan win the round with a place in the final. While Dilan took a break before his final, it was the time for Ghazi to step up to the mark in his first Stomp. He had already won a bronze in patterns earlier in the day and was looking to add to the tally. He was up against a tough opponent and managed to hold his own. Once Ghazi started adding kicks to the mix, he won back a few points but just missed out as the opponent landed more shots early on. Ghazi won a bronze medal and has no doubt taken a lot of experience from his fight.

The last fight of the day for Brentford and second last of the whole competition saw Dilan in the final. He was up against a tough opponent with fast hands but Dilan managed to move around the ring effectively luring the opponent towards the edge of the ring before landing a few shots and taking an early lead. The opponent tried to land some of his own but Dilan intelligently outmaneuvered him and attacked only when the shot was clear wasting no opportunities. Dilan won a well-deserved gold medal and wrapped up Brentford’s tally at 7 medals. The juniors displayed much talent and a solid level of determination, and will no doubt take away a heap of experience. Massive well done to all who took part!


Josh – Silver (Sparring)

Neal – Silver (Sparring)

Sumayah – Gold (Sparring)

Moataz – Bronze (Sparring)

Ghazi – Bronze (Sparring), Bronze (Patterns)

Dilan – Gold (Sparring)