Brentford TKD at the UKITF Scottish Nationals 2013

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On Saturday 16th March, 4 members of Brentford TKD travelled up from London to Scotland to compete in the UKITF Scottish Open. The morning began with Danny Welland, Umbreen Khan, Jamie McCarthy and Dale Stiles meeting up and travelling to Gatwick airport.  It was time for breakfast and as boarding began it was also time for Jamie’s first flight, the subject of entertainment that morning. The flight took an hour and they headed to the town center to kill some time before arriving at the hotel, watching some rugby, having a good dinner and resting for the following day’s early start.

The weigh-ins went smoothly and as more athletes arrived at the Ravenscraig Sports Facility, the umpires meeting took place and proceedings began. First into the action for Brentford were Jamie and Dale in adult kup patterns. They pulled out the first 2 medals for the club, a bronze each. Umbreen was next in adult kup patterns in a round robin contest and after performing choice and designated tuls, won the first gold of the day. As the hall warmed up nicely in contrast to the gusty conditions outside the Ravenscraig, it was time for Danny to kit up for degree sparring. The first round started with interruptions from the scoring system but soon enough the bout started with both fighters going in strong. Danny used the ring well in the second round but took a few too many scoring shots in the end landing him a bronze medal.

Once the degree sparring had taken place, many of the black belts took positions as judges for the colour belt sparring. Jamie was up first against a tall opponent who managed to display a higher work rate than Jamie. Jamie earnt a bronze medal and came away with more motivation for his next tournament. Umbreen was next up for sparring in the lightweight degree category after divisions were merged. She landed some good kicks but the opponents experience paid off and Umbreen settled for silver. Dale was next in kup lightweight sparring and was caught early on in a flurry of punches resulting in a bloody nose. He carried on the offensive showing no signs of letting the early shot affect him as he finished the 2 rounds. In the end the opponent got the decision and Dale got a bronze medal for his efforts.

The next session was special technique. The qualifying technique was a front kick that Danny completed with inches to spare and he continued on to win a gold medal. All that was left to do was the power session in which Danny again excelled at receiving the last result of the day for Brentford in the form of a gold medal.  All in all, the 4 members representing Brentford TKD tallied a well-deserved 9 medals and so began the journey back to London via dinner at Glasgow airport that went down extremely well after the busy weekend.