Brentford TKD at the UKITF English Nationals 2013

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It was an early start for members of Brentford TKD on Saturday 2nd February. Headed by instructor Danny Welland, Pherrel Chang, James Adetutu, Umbreen Khan, Jamie McCarthy and Dale Stiles made their way down to Paignton, Devon for the 2013 English Nationals. The sun was up and there was a good vibe in the air as the 2-car convoy made it’s way down the M4. The sun had well and truly risen and a few stops and Cornish pasties later, the English Riviera was in sight. Arriving in good time for the UK Squad session, it was sure to be a good outing for the club. Unfortunately, taking part in the training did not materialize. This was unfortunate as it would have been a good time to test out healed injuries and fitness levels. By the end of the evening, all members of Brentford TKD had made their weight and were looking forward to a big meal on Paignton seafront. After an early night, the next day of the tournament arrived and for members Jamie and Dale, it would be their first. As luck had it, Jamie and Dale were up first for patterns. Dale came away with a bronze medal and Jamie’s performance earned him a silver medal. Umbreen was up next and also picked up a bronze medal. There was a long wait for the Cadets to finish before James could take part in patterns. He picked up a bronze medal to add to Brentford’s medal tally.

Danny was the first to compete in sparring in the middleweight degree category. After winning his first bout, he was up against a familiar opponent in Matthew Brunger. After a close 2 rounds and some powerful shots, Danny unfortunately did not get the decision but came away with a bronze medal. Jamie got his first taste of tournament sparring in the hyperweight kup division and earned himself a silver medal against a strong opponent. After his performance, he will surely have more taekwondo success at future tournaments. Dale also put on a superb performance in the lightweight kup category keeping up the pressure throughout the fight and winning his bout, earning a gold medal. He is another one to look out for in the future. Umbreen was next in the microweight kup division with her first bout at a tournament. She landed a tough opponent against a lightweight and after a testing 2 rounds the decision went the other way but came away with a silver medal. The last but certainly not least of Brentford TKD to compete was James in the kup hyperweight division. He did not disappoint winning his first bout with an impressive array of kicks. His next opponent posed more of a challenge but James got a early lead in points and his use of the ring lead him to a gold medal. Special technique was next in the order of play and Danny successfully completed the set kicks to earn a gold medal. At the end of the tournament, the 5 competitors earned 2 medals a piece. Overall it was a successful weekend away all round with the club earning a total of 10 medals with some great performances. Massive well done to all who took part and a big thank you to those who showed support!